Know How Ayubi Construction Made It to the Top with Its Client-focused Construction Solutions

Know How Ayubi Construction Made It to the Top with Its Client-focused Construction Solutions

As we are making progress as a human civilization, the nature and methods of construction are also changing in a rapid way. Modern constructions, be it residential or commercial, are more intricate than ever. In addition, buildings today are heavily affected by environmental pollution. Therefore, modern buildings require the right construction solutions for less damage, more protection, and increased lifespan. Ayubi Construction is a professional construction solutions company that has become a leading name in the industry within a very short span of life.

Ayubi Construction, as the name suggests, was founded by Md. Wasif Zeya Ayubi and his brother. In 2010, Ayubi Construction started its journey as WAZ Construction, a company dedicated to masonry construction and manufacture, and repair of buildings. Later in 2016, the company was registered under Ayubi Construction. Eventually, the company shifted its focus to commercial, industrial, and institutional building projects. Today, the company works on projects across West Bengal with an expert team of experienced and seasoned professionals.

Ayubi construction has already positioned itself as a reputable name in the industry. The company offers professional client-focused construction solutions. They deliver guaranteed results in every project with 100% integrity. Their extensive work ranges in industries such as commercial, hospitality and resorts, and residential buildings. Their diverse range of project portfolio includes resorts, hospitals, sports centres, and commercial and residential buildings both on turnkey and JV basis.

At Ayubi Construction, safety is one of its core values. It puts conscious efforts into preventing accidents with cautious planning, appropriate training, and cooperative efforts. They understand the unique nature of safety concerns associated with each project and take every preventive measure to finish the project in the safest manner. Ayubi Construction has also made its name for its commitment to performing construction within budget and as per the requirements. As one of the most highly regarded companies in the industry, Ayubi strives to continuously improve the quality of its work.

Md. Wasif-led  Ayubi Construction is a 100% employee-owned company that deeply values its core principles. The company’s name is associated with some of Kolkata’s famous projects such as the Happy Group Signature Building (Behala), Hotel Ivory Grand, Kalim Heritage, Eliot Meridian, etc. Riding on its innovative and value-added construction solutions, Ayubi Construction is ahead of its market counterparts and competitors.


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