Latin YouTube watching records are broken by Shakira’s diss track

Latin YouTube watching records are broken by Shakira’s diss track

Shakira set YouTube records with a song about her ex-boyfriend Gerard Pique cheating on her.

Out of Your League’s music video is the most-watched Latin song in that time period after receiving over 63 million views in 24 hours.

After more than ten weeks of marriage, Shakira, 45, and former Barcelona footballer Pique, 35, divorced in 2022. Additionally, the couple is the parents of two kids.

Shakira and Argentinian producer DJ Bizarrap collaborated on this four-minute pop song for the first time.

Along with J. Balvin, Luis Fonsi, and Daddy Yankee, Shakira is the latest Latin artist to shatter a record on YouTube.

This is not her first song about a breakup; however, Monotonia, which was released three months ago, was more of a song about heartbreak than one seeking retribution.

Shakira talks about Pique’s claimed new girlfriend, age 23, in the song that is intended as a diss track.

She claims that she is “worth two 22-year-olds” and compares the relationship to swapping “a Ferrari for a [Renault] Twingo” and a “Rolex for a Casio.”

The Colombian singer also discusses her conflict with Spanish authorities, who claim she owes them back taxes of €14.5 million (£12.8 million).

With her in-laws residing right next door, Shakira seems to be alleging in the song that Pique abandoned her while all of this was going on.

She sings, “Plenty of time at the gym, but your brain needs a little work too,” criticising his exercise method.

However, Gerard Pique has been blogging about his newest seven-a-side endeavour, King’s League, although he hasn’t commented on the song online.

When they separated in June last year, the couple said in a statement that they were concentrating on co-parenting their two children, Milan, 9, and Sasha, 7.


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