Hussain Kalsekar: Leading Brand Overhaul in the Digital Sphere

Hussain Kalsekar: Leading Brand Overhaul in the Digital Sphere

Hussain Kalsekar is the visionary Co-Founder and CEO of 366 DigitX, a dynamic force in the world of digital marketing. His leadership style is not just about steering a company; it’s about infusing passion and innovation into every aspect of the business. At 366 DigitX, he has sculpted a legacy synonymous with excellence, proudly hailed as “The X Factor in YOUR Growth.”

The Step Towards Entrepreneurship

After a fulfilling 17-year career, Hussain realized it was time for a new chapter. Fueled by determination, he ventured into entrepreneurship, founding his digital agency. The support from his parents, colleagues, and esteemed clients provided the foundation for this bold move. Undoubtedly, his father has been the guiding force in his life. From expanding his business to nurturing his four children equally, he exemplifies success in both career and family.

Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management Studies (BMS) from Anjumans, he laid the foundation for his stellar career. But he didn’t stop there. His thirst for knowledge led him to pursue postgraduate studies, culminating in a Master’s degree from KCCMS. This academic prowess has equipped him with a razor-sharp edge, setting the stage for his impactful role in the digital realm.

Building a Loyal Clientele

What truly distinguishes Hussain is his remarkable ability to build and sustain relationships with key corporate decision-makers. He’s not just a CEO; he’s a strategic architect, instrumental in securing high-volume, high-profit accounts through his keen acumen. His clients aren’t just satisfied but are loyal, a testament to his capacity to influence, build coalitions, and foster consensus in the corporate world.


Recognition is the natural byproduct of excellence, and Hussain is no stranger to it. The World Marketing Congress bestowed upon him a prestigious accolade, recognizing him as one of the top 100 smartest digital marketing leaders globally. This honor, received on February 13, 2020, marked a pivotal moment in his extraordinary career, solidifying his status as a trailblazer. Recently, honored among the Top 50 Global High Flyers and awarded as the Leader in Digital Marketing for 2023.

While the pinnacle of challenges is yet to come, client retention remains a constant hurdle. However, Hussain thriveson keeping clients content, a challenge he embraces and conquers with unwavering dedication. His career has instilled invaluable lessons of humility over overconfidence, staying grounded, selfless assistance, securing advances, and maintaining a clear boundary between business and personal relationships. In the digital realm, he also solves problems of brands that grapple with understanding customers, generating leads, managing cash flow, crafting engaging content, privacy compliance, website accessibility, mobile-first strategies, and establishing omnichannel marketing.


Social Endeavors

In his free time, Hussain channels his energy into social work through his NGO, the Khidmaah Foundation. Networking and socializing at conferences, expos, and exhibitions on weekends keep him energized. For aspiring entrepreneurs, his mantra is to embrace novelty daily, prioritize social connections, and understand that your network is your net worth. Every day is an opportunity for growth.

Beyond the boardroom, Hussain emerges as a maestro in brand creation and placement. His strategic vision guides businesses and propels them toward success. His knack for advertising campaigns has left an indelible mark on the industry, transforming brands into powerful entities. His legacy, built on expertise, innovation, and a deep understanding of client needs, positions him as a luminary in the digital marketing sphere. His story inspires, urging others to reach for the highest heights in this ever-evolving industry.


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