Exclusive interview with Salim Khan, Founder of Little India Foundation

Exclusive interview with Salim Khan, Founder of Little India Foundation

Salim Khan, Founder of Little India foundation NGO receives the Global Achievers Award 2021 for his exemplary work in Social Service and Art for cause support. He is a humanitarian who wants to make India a hunger-free nation. Here’s an exclusive interview with Salim Khan: 

1. What is the mission of the Little India Foundation? 

Little India Foundation envisions reducing the hunger level in India. With a score of 27.2, India needs more helping hands to feed people and skill them to earn for themselves. Our mission is to feed 30 million people with the Robin Hood Army. Our NGO contributed towards Bihar flood relief camps, emergency relief work and Rehigos / Burma relief work with the UNICEF team. We also distributed one lakh hand sanitizers, two lakh masks, more than 1 lakh sanitary pads, 2 million+ cooked-meal support to the city and more during COVID. We had volunteers come forward from Punjab, Shimla, Goa, Mumbai, Bihar, Sikkim, Assam, Delhi NCR, J&K, you name a city and a volunteer was connected to help someone in need. Today we have largest distribution network for CSR kind donor reach.  

2. What are Nari Shakti Awards all about? 

It is an extension of the Little India Foundation, a noble way to salute women empowerment, managed by Harsimar Director of Operations for Little India Foundation and Chief Operating Officer of Nari Shakti Awards. Our International presence is managed by Sonakshi Goyal – UAE.  

Nari Shakti Awards, approved by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, is an extraordinary platform which would help women to build a networking platform, build self-confidence and grow a business, award recognition to the unrecognized talents out there and gift wings to the ideas of women empowerment. Nari Shakti is a networking platform to join dots across the globe today women support each other. Our work has also been featured in some of the eminent newspapers ranging from the Hindustan Times, TOI, and so on. #NariShaktiAwards platform is been recognized by HBW News Global achievers awards 2021 for enormous work in Women Empowerment.

3. How do you keep yourself motivated in life? 

My vision to make India a hunger-free country inspires me to do more & more. I believe everyone deserves good food and Little India Foundation is a medium to feed those hungry souls. My mother has always taught us from small Thank God for the food he has provided us today, many sleep hungry and die of hunger. I just pray to God NO one sleeps hungry or die of hunger. 

4. Are there any food chains that support you? 

Yes, during the endemic attack many came forward, we are fortunate to have been supported by Haldirams, Yum Foods, Domino, Vega foods, Indigo, BBroncos Nando’s,  

and many other food chains. These food chains help us to feed labourers, hawkers, street dwellers and their families. Now it’s kind of stops, in this interview would I request many other food chains to come forward and support us.  

5. What is your message to the youth? 

Be selfless and serve humanity to the best. There is no bigger religion than feeding needy people. Also, I urge people not to waste food as somewhere someone is longing for that food. Let’s be united and make India a hunger-free nation. Volunteer with us and spread a word among family and friends to come forward and help us donate a meal to hungry

6. How did you help during Covid times? 

During the first wave, we distributed food, water, clothes, and medicines to the needy. 

During the second wave, we launched a 24/7 helpline number to support people over calls. We have mapped our support reach to 135 slums, be it oxygen, food, oral hygiene, clothes, books, oxygen concentrator, covid hospital support with GOI, migrants on foot- sending them back home, #LittleIndiaFoundation has been part of emergency relief support to PMO response team network.  

7. What are your plans? 

We are planning to collaborate with more food chains and feed as many mouths as we can. Besides, we also envision educating people on food wastage and how collectively we can solve this problem. Project Chillar – Ek Sikka, Ek Muskaan, Art for Cause, Learn with fun, Masti ki pathshala, higher education program coordinator centre for Sikkim Skill University, Feed the needy – One meal a day, Food out of waste – E-waste management, awareness campaign – oral hygiene – Sanitary napkins- dengue – plant a tree – etc. 


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