Epione Hospital innovates Regenerative Therapy to get relief from chronic pain

Epione Hospital innovates Regenerative Therapy to get relief from chronic pain

Epione Hospital is a super-specialty hospital that manages major chronic and interventional pain.
Established in 2018, Epione Hospital envisions a multidisciplinary approach and comprehensive care for pain management.
Being the first center in South India, it is dedicated to helping patients in leading pain-free lives. The hospital specializes in treating back pains, joint pains, headaches, neuralgias, sports injuries, cancer pains, vascular pains, diabetic neuropathic pain, post-operative scar pain, and other acute pain-related conditions.
Epione Hospital is well-equipped with advanced machinery and has a modern-day infrastructure. With an emergency room, OT, tie-up lab services, comfortable beds, equipment like RF machine, C-Arm, Ultrasound machine, Centrifugation machine, and in-house pharmacy, Epione pain & relief center is proud to offer sophisticated services to the patients.
Dr. Sudheer Dara, the Founder of Epione Hospital is one of the renowned pain physicians in India. Dr. Sudheer Dara is on a mission to help doctors manage different chronic pain conditions. Through his fellowship program, Epione Pain Integrated Course (EPIC), he has trained 500 Indian & International doctors in pain medicine and helped them establish themselves as pain physicians.

Having worked as a senior consultant in various corporate hospitals, Dr. Dara understood that chronic pain is highly prevalent in today’s society but is mostly overlooked. He realized that a majority of the population suffers from pain till the last stage and are forced to opt for replacement surgeries. Thus, he innovated a unique treatment model ‘Regenerative Therapy’ that mitigates pain without surgery and painkillers.
This therapy lets the patient use their plasma to regrow the damaged joint instead of replacing it. His tremendous research in the field of Regenerative Therapy has helped him treat more than 10000 patients to avoid replacement surgeries and lead a healthy life. His foundation Epione- center for pain relief provides free service to geriatric age group patients who are suffering from such types of chronic pain.
With expertise in ortho, neurology, physiotherapy, occupational therapy along with pain management treatment, Epione aims for minimally invasive procedures at a lesser cost compared to surgical procedures. The procedures are carried away under exclusive machines and the guidance of experienced doctors. The complications are expected to be minimum and quick recovery is seen in most of the patients.
With the advancement in technology and medical science, better treatment and medical facilities are available for the common man. All you need to do is find out the right treatment and get in touch with the doctors to assist you in leading a healthy life. Consult Dr. Sudheer Dara and his team at Epione Hospital to get rid of chronic pain and lead a better life.


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