Dr Rahul Mirchandani: Building the Extraordinary at Aries Agro

Dr Rahul Mirchandani: Building the Extraordinary at Aries Agro

Over the past three decades, Dr. Rahul Mirchandani, the Chairman and Managing Director of Aries Agro has worked with a team of 1200 people to empower farmers everywhere, with a versatile range of agricultural Next Practices. His singular goal is to see Aries as a global leader in specialized, sustainable & cost-effective agricultural inputs. He takes pride in building empowered teams who consistently deliver exemplary results as a united, driven tribe of force multipliers that believe in a collective vision as an Indian born multinational company.

Welcome to the Future!

Imagine a farmer, far in the interiors of Chhattisgarh, requesting for soil health assessment on his Aries WhatsApp ChatBot. An Aries team member visits early the next day, uses a handheld artificial intelligence enabled soil scanner and provides the farmer a soil health report in a few minutes along with crop management recommendations. The farmer accesses the ‘Aries Everywhere’ application, finds the nearest Aries dealer, uploads the recommendation and places a request for immediate delivery. The Aries dealer responds and the products required are ready for pickup.

The farmer visits the store, redeems his Aries mobile coupon by scanning a QR code, makes a UPI enabled payment and heads home with a curated set of products ideally suited to his crop. The Aries WhatsApp Bot reminds the farmer to book his drone spray rental package and also sends a voice note every few days on what he needs to do on his field. The Aries team remains available for personal consultation throughout the crop cycle. At the end of the season, the farmer has seen his income double with the Aries ‘Proudly Made in India’ brands.

This is not the future, this is how Rahul sees Aries working in the present, in almost 1 lakh villages across 26 states of India.

Using Shock and Awe

Creating 130 of India’s most respected agribusiness Crop Nutrition Brands without mass media has been one of the biggest challenges for Rahul, but also the most fulfilling one. He enjoys creating a buzz by doing the extraordinary and instilling sheer excitement in the rural areas. From using sensory branding for the first time, introducing high density low dose fertilizers and single dose effervescent tablets for flagship Chelated micronutrients to making celebrities out of young farmers by making them meet President Obama, Aries Agro’s products and passion does all the talking.

Some of Rahul’s most remarkable endeavors included conceptualizing India’s first flash sale in Agribusiness, enabling digital platforms for order booking, setting records with merchandizing contests, monitoring record breaking advisory calls to farmer call centres, executing nationwide launch on a single day for some of the best-in-class imports, pioneering aerial sprays using drones and connecting millions of customers using India’s first loyalty programme in the sector.

From Advocacy to Action

While Rahul built the world’s best inventions for farmers in India and innovated consistently, it was essential for him to get the rural voices to all the policy tables that matter. In the process, he led the Confederation of Indian Industry’s Young Indians and the Indian Micro-Fertilizers Association, and had a seat on CII’s National Councils of Agriculture, India@75, and International Policy and Innovation conferences.

Rahul aspires to build on a stellar name as a market leader & expand a unique range of quality products & solutions globally. He hopes to leave a legacy as having grown a responsible, robust and profitable business that is Made in India and proudly serves farmers of the world.


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