Atharva Bahadur: Empowering Humanity Through Pure Products

Atharva Bahadur: Empowering Humanity Through Pure Products

Social entrepreneurship is a pivotal force that drives positive societal change by addressing pressing social and environmental issues. Within this meaningful domain in Lucknow, works Atharva Bahadur, the CEO of Drishti Pures who has created impact through innovative, sustainable, and inclusive solutions. The radiance of his compassion and business acumen illuminates the path of numerous individuals in need. His resolute dedication to enhancing society and empowering individuals with disabilities has not just changed lives but also established a benchmark in the sphere of social development and entrepreneurship.


Atharva Bahadur’s journey towards becoming the torchbearer of change commenced over a decade ago when he assumed the role of Director at Drishti Samajik Sansthan, Lucknow. Founded by his late mother, Neeta Bahadur, in 1990, Drishti has been a pioneering force in rehabilitating abandoned specially-abled persons. The institution’s tireless efforts led to the rehabilitation of over 6,000 individuals, and today, it stands as the world’s largest institution, catering to 260 abandoned multiple-challenged children.

Atharva’s vision extended beyond mere rehabilitation. He envisioned a future where these individuals could become self-reliant contributors to society. He believes that financial independence is crucial for individuals with physical disabilities as it ensures autonomy, dignity, and access to essential resources. It empowers them to make choices, access necessary services, pursue careers, and improve their quality of life while reducing dependency on others for financial support.

Hence, Drishti Pures was born which is a revolutionary venture that produces cold-pressed oils and pure spices. What makes Drishti Pures exceptional is its workforce. Abandoned multiple-challenged individuals actively participate in the production processes at the company, instilling a sense of purpose and empowerment within them.

The genesis of Drishti Pures in March 2023 heralded a new era. The company’s mission to offer consumers healthy, pure, and top-quality products in a time of rampant materialism reflects Atharva’s unwavering commitment to ethical business practices and social responsibility. The profits from Drishti Pures are dedicated to furthering the empowerment of the specially abled, making each purchase a contribution towards a noble cause.


Atharva Bahadur’s academic background in Bachelor of Arts is complemented by his prowess in various sports disciplines, including swimming, athletics, taekwondo, and national-level proficiency in 10m Pistol Shooting. His multifaceted abilities mirror the diverse skills and talents that he encourages and nurtures within the individuals under Drishti’s care. Atharva has received numerous accolades, including the ‘Service to the Society’ honor by Lucknow Public Collegiate and the prestigious Kalam Dawat Samman from Uttar Pradesh’s Deputy Chief Minister, Mr. Brijesh Pathak. Additionally, the First All India Sentience Award for Social Responsibility was bestowed upon him for his relentless dedication to social causes.

Looking ahead, Atharva envisions Drishti Pures becoming a household name, deeply embedded in the consciousness of consumers. His long-term vision is to make Drishti Pures not just a product of choice but a product that customers passionately demand—proof of its quality, purity, and profound social impact. Atharva Bahadur’s indomitable spirit, coupled with his resolve toward social welfare, stands as an inspiration to millions. Through Drishti Pures, he not only enriches our lives with pure products but also empowers humanity.


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