American actor and comedian Jamie Foxx is going to host a show with his daughter

American actor and comedian Jamie Foxx is going to host a show with his daughter

The 29-year-old Corinne Foxx and actor Jamie Foxx revealed on Monday that they will co-host a brand-new music-guessing game show called “We Are Family.”

According to a press release, “non-famous families of superstars performing duets with their secret renowned family member” would be featured on the unscripted music-focused programme.

Foxx, 55, was hospitalised after experiencing a “medical problem” while shooting his new movie “Back in Action,” and the announcement of his public homecoming came almost a month later.

The new game show, which is scheduled to broadcast on Fox in 2024, will have an actual studio audience and 100 competitors competing in several rounds of gameplay and riddles. A $100,000 prize is also up for grabs for contestants.

According to Allison Wallach, the manager of unscripted shows at Fox, “Jamie and Corinne are important partners to the Fox family.” They are the ideal hosts for “We Are Family” because of their inexhaustible energy and endearing banter with participants.

The programme will be added to Fox’s “quickly expanding list of premium music-centric competition series,” according to Wallach.

“We Are Family” is not the first show that Foxx and his daughter have co-hosted. The two started hosting “Beat Shazam,” a music-based event series, in 2017. Two teams compete against one another and the clock to “identify the most popular songs of all time.”

Up until his on-set injury in April, Foxx served as host of the show, which is currently in its sixth season.

The actor’s health was better but still under monitoring, according to somebody close to Foxx.

Foxx’s daughter said in a statement on Saturday that her father had been released from the hospital and was recovering with his family. She said, “My dad has been recovering since he left the hospital some weeks ago. In actuality, he played pickleball the day before.”

“We appreciate the prayers and assistance of everyone.”


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