Amandeep Khangura: Bridging Continents Through Dairy Farm Entrepreneurship

Amandeep Khangura: Bridging Continents Through Dairy Farm Entrepreneurship

A story of determination, passion, and dedication, Amandeep Khangura’s journey from Canada to India is one marked by a transformative pursuit of entrepreneurial success and social impact. Her shift from a promising political career in Canada to the vibrant world of dairy farming in rural Punjab encapsulates her resolve towards India’s growth.

The Inception

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Amandeep Khangura always harbored a relentless drive for success. Armed with a BSc in Business Management from Devry University and a professional background in accounting in Canada, she held esteemed positions, including the Chair of Human Resources and Finance for a $500 M project. She was also the Treasurer for Martindale Community Association. However, her story took a momentous turn in 2011 when Amandeep, along with her husband Baljinder, decided to move to India, leaving behind a potential career in Canadian politics.

The uncertainty about the permanence of this decision was overshadowed by their focus on making a meaningful impact in their new home. Setting their roots in Ludhiana, Amandeep ventured into the dairy farming industry, establishing Prime Milk Specialities Pvt. Ltd, now known as Tru Prime Pvt. Ltd. Her strategic vision propelled Tru Prime to become the largest dairy farm operator in Punjab and one of the largest in India, housing approximately 2600 livestock.

The farm, renowned for its quality, supplies raw milk exclusively to Nestle India’s Moga processing unit. Her aspirations extend beyond entrepreneurial success. Amandeep aims for Tru Prime to serve as a catalyst for the growth of mega dairy farms in India, fostering innovation and advancement in the sector.

Personal Triumps

Beyond professional triumphs, Amandeep’s personal life blossomed in India. After years of fertility treatments, she and Baljinder welcomed three children, cementing their emotional ties to the country. Amandeep considers India not just her home but also hopes it will be a nurturing environment for her children as they traverse the path to adulthood.

Despite her dedication to the dairy farming business, Amandeep remains pragmatic about her children’s choices, understanding that they will carve their own paths. However, she hopes that more Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) will draw inspiration from stories like hers and consider returning to contribute to India’s growth.

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Towards Women Empowerment

Amandeep’s keen interest in politics fostered since her early days in Canada. Though she is an optimist, the low participation of women in Indian politics fuels her with disappointment. She advocates for greater female representation, urging aspiring women leaders to take charge and serve as mentors for the next generation of female politicians. She believes women leaders advocate for policies addressing gender-specific issues and serve as inspirations for future generations. Their presence challenges biases, leads to better decision-making, and promotes a more collaborative legislative environment, ultimately contributing to more equitable and comprehensive governance structures.

While Canada holds cherished memories for Amandeep, a permanent return seems unlikely. Instead, it remains a holiday destination, as her heart and endeavors remain firmly rooted in India. Her saga is more than a tale of successful entrepreneurship. It is a proof of her resilience, adaptability, and the pursuit of a meaningful life journey that transcends geographical boundaries.


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