After India, Quickwell Remedy is expanding its business to African countries with its goal of affordable services

After India, Quickwell Remedy is expanding its business to African countries with its goal of affordable services

Healthcare is an important sector of the economy. It is recognized as a great contributor to the nation’s economy. A sound and strong healthcare mean physical and mentally healthy citizens which will directly lead to an increase in productivity.

India’s Quickwell Remedy is contributing to this sector with its revolutionizing methods.  Quickwell Remedy Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO certified company with the ISO 9001:2015 certification. It is an online pharmacy with digital solutions to all the healthcare issues.

Quickwell Remedy has worked with great efficiency in the pandemic. The e-pharmacy and doctors’ availability in its digital platform has proven as the most convenient source for people in the pandemic.

Digital Consumer Healthcare Accessibility of the Quickwell Remedy allows the users to find details about any prescribed medicines. It brings all the services to the door of the people with just one click. Home care appointments, ambulances, ICU Services, hospitalizations, bookings of doctors, and test bookings everything is available at just one click.

They provide World Class Patient Care at Home at affordable prices. Till now, they have treated 2000+ critical patients at home following all related medical protocols with the best quality standards.

They never compromise with their responsibility. They also offer health insurance, Medical Tourism, and regular health care services.

They have more than 400 hospitals with 50 lakhs patients and 2 lakhs doctors (1200 NRI doctors) in India. Their drone services have increased their delivery speeds. They deliver life-saving drugs and equipment by drone tier 1 city.

In the future, Quickwell Remedy wants to reduce the gap between doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers, pharmacies, insurance companies, and citizens. They aim to deliver their services to every nook and corner of the country, especially in rural India which often stays deprived of good services and hospitals. They also want to educate Pradhan of every rural area regarding the basic healthcare management courses.

In June 2021 they will expand their services to Brazil and South Africa. The services they will provide in Brazil and South Africa include doctor consultancy, Medicine Delivery, Medical Tourism facility, and hospitalization facility.

South Africa is currently facing multiple issues in its health care system especially with diseases like coronavirus, HIV, AIDS, and tuberculosis,

It also has a high maternal and child mortality rate. By expanding their services to South Africa and Brazil they want to provide the services and facilities at affordable rates to make them accessible for everyone.

In South Africa, there is only 1 hospital for 1 lakh people, so Quickwell Remedy has taken this as a challenge, and it will soon introduce its revolutionary methods in these African countries also.


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