Aapna Infotech introduces an engaging productive Virtual office concept

Aapna Infotech introduces an engaging productive Virtual office concept

This year we have witnessed the most rapid changes in the workplace, impacting business globally. Employees, independent professionals, small businesses and start-ups companies are demanding an increasingly mobile and more flexible workplace and it looks like that this approach is defining the look and feel of the future office. Aapna Infotech is engaging towards Virtual offices through communication, strong support, healthy balance, better rewards & recognition. In the virtual business, they ensure that all their employees are working towards the same goals. Apart from laptop, and wifi reimbursement, they are also providing furniture allowance, fashionable work pods delivered to employees’ homes, Welcome Kits, etc. to give the feel of the office away from the office. TheirHR is constantly organizing fun activities, games. FundooFriday, Coffee Meetings, and many other activities, to make sure it’s not all about work. Regular events to connect, recognize & reward the work done by commandos in the form of Instant Thumbs up, Warrior of the month, Aaj ka Bazigar, Spot team award and so on. HR also sends physical awards to employees’ homes.

Many business companies are seeing this as the catalyst towards taking the steps towards making their business fully virtual. The entire business world has shaken due to the sudden downfall in the economy which is the result of the lockdown. All around the globe, individuals have been transferred and promoted; all of this happened while being on video calls and emails.

Mr. Abhijit Roy, CEO, Aapna Infotech says, “The offices of the future will be more like fun places, where teams will meet to engage, and connect, and fill the gap of human connect. At Aapna, we have a meeting allowance and allow any two people to meet anywhere over lunch or a cup of coffee. I would say every such meeting place is our new office. We are also planning to move our head office to Goa, as we are no longer physically limited to a place. We will have a big guest house, which will serve as a meeting place, and any of our team members can come and stay there for a few days. Thanks for the future of the office.” In the post-Covid-19, we are now entering a new world where small offices may take place at home. Individuals are now able to integrate work life with home life.

Everyone knows how harsh life in big cities is. Most software companies are set up in big cities. With the new WFH policy of Aapna Infotech, you can stay or shift back to your hometown, and live close to your family, and enjoy the luxuries of a small-town lifestyle, and yet working at the cutting edge of technology, for clients across the globe.

Aapna has gone completely virtual, they prefer candidates from PAN India. They look for hardworking people who do things well with laughter and grace, who work well as a team. Their team of 150+ highly technical resources is set in a TASK force format and operates with Commando-like precision. Whereas they work mostly with clients in the USA, Australia, and India, they also work with clients such as the World Bank, and the United Nations.
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