A.K.International Tourism is all geared up to launch ‘Darkhaast’ – a prayer to save the world

A.K.International Tourism is all geared up to launch ‘Darkhaast’ – a prayer to save the world

It’s said that time spent in prayer is never a waste of time but an investment. Believing in the power of prayer and expressing his gratitude to God, Gospel Maestro Dr. Amit Kamle composed the lyrics of Darkhaast. The news of the 2nd wave was very grave and disturbing. Besides, the rising covid cases threatened human lives at every count. Dr. Kamle along with his family prayed fervently for respite to the innumerable people suffering. Darkhaast was composed on 21st May 2021 during the peak of the 2nd wave and was melodiously sung by Singer Hriday Gattani. Darkhaast, an A.K.International Tourism production song, will be released worldwide on 15th August 2021.

Darkhaast is a plea for mercy. It is a cry for help. Dr. Amit Kamle M. D (Russia), popularly known as A.K; Director of A.K.International Tourism and Founder of Glorify Christ says that the song is a request to the Almighty to help human beings sail through these utterly horrific times that the world is going through.

As a Doctor, Entrepreneur, Educationist, Consultant, Philanthropist, Globetrotter, Guide, Creative Director, Scenarist, Music Producer, Lyricist, and Music Director, Dr. Kamle has played multiple roles to strengthen society and retain faith in humanity. His root mission is to share The Gospel across the globe. Glorify Christ, since its inception in 2016, under the umbrella of A.K. International Tourism, has created over 65 gospel songs in languages that range across Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Punjabi, Assamese, Khasi, Nagamese, and even in Hebrew. Glorify Christ is a not-for-profit venture by A K International Tourism, which specializes in organizing Holy land Tours across Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. The company is also venturing into outreach programs of the gospel through Gospel Music.

Visit http://www.youtube.com/akinternationaltourism to watch the video.


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