What is the story behind the name of Hawai Chappal, can you really fly in the air

What is the story behind the name of Hawai Chappal, can you really fly in the air

Have you ever questioned why a sandal was given the name Hawaii since neither it nor a person can fly while wearing this particular kind of sandal?

Your senses will be overwhelmed at this moment once you realise why Hawai Chappal got its name.

Although the Hawaiian brand is well-known in India under the name “Hawaii”, it is also recognised by several other names both domestically and abroad. Thongs are incredibly thin and rubbery. When wearing it, a person can walk and rest with ease. Because wearing this slipper makes one feel lighter when in such a scenario, it has earned the term “Hawaii Chappal.”

In addition, it is thought that the term hidden in the name of an island thong—which refers to the circumstance in America—is to blame. Hawaii Island is another name for it. There are rumours that this island is home to a unique species of tree known as the Tee, which produces a flexible material resembling rubber.

For the first time, slippers were created from the same stretchy material, and the thongs were given the name of the island. Although no one is certain how much of this is true, Americans think that thongs originate from the same island.

Additionally, it is stated that Japanese workers were brought to Hawaii Island to finish the slipper-making task because the Japanese people had been wearing the type of slippers being created there since ancient times.

The same Japanese workers made the slippers that they wore when they travelled to Hawaii Island, where they also produced slippers in the same style. Hawai Chappal became its name. Let us inform you that during World War II, American soldiers wore these shoes, which later gained worldwide fame.


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