Walt Disney avoids Using a royal clause, the DeSantis board

Walt Disney avoids Using a royal clause, the DeSantis board

A board chosen by Florida’s governor to supervise Disney’s theme parks in Orlando claims it has been rendered ineffective by a hastily negotiated contract with a royal clause. Until Florida lawmakers penalised the corporation for criticising state rules governing sex education, Disney managed the district for more than 50 years. The new board, however, claims that King Charles III-related restrictive covenants circumvent its power.

The Republican-aligned board has retained attorneys to resolve the issue.

Disney issued a clear and concise statement in which it said that “all agreements signed between Disney and the District were legal and were debated and accepted in open, visible forums.”

The expansive theme park resort in central Florida was managed by the Reedy Creek Improvement District, a previous Disney-controlled board. It authorised the now-controversial arrangement on February 8th, the day before the Republican-controlled state legislature voted to give the governor the authority to choose his own board to manage the 27,000 acres.

The 151-page Florida agreement also prohibits the board from using any “fanciful characters” owned by Disney, such as Mickey Mouse. Furthermore prohibited is the usage of the term Disney.

Martin Garcia, the head of the new board, warned an NBC affiliate that they could have to contest the arrangement through “protracted litigation.”

As a result of its criticism of the Parental Rights in Education Act, which Mr. DeSantis signed into law last April, Disney turned the governor into a political adversary.

The law prohibits teaching about sexual orientation and gender identity to children under the age of nine.

Advocates for the bill claimed that it shields kids from objectionable material. The “don’t say gay” law, as its opponents refer to it, is said to stigmatise LGBT kids.

The culture war between Mr. DeSantis and Disney has raised the governor’s reputation as a prospective “2024 Republican presidential candidate.


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