This home-grown app helps you manage your teams better while enabling your business to become a global player

This home-grown app helps you manage your teams better while enabling your business to become a global player

The pandemic made work from home a necessity but managing team work became a headache. Even businesses that were otherwise hesitant to depend on technology had to adapt to the situation. Rishab Chandra, a SaaS product builder, saw that it was getting hard to keep track of projects and effective communication between team members was declining. Seeing a gap in the market for simple and affordable task management applications, Rishab and his partner Neha Chandra developed a web and mobile application called Task Tracker. Task Tracker makes people management simple and increases productivity and accountability.

The initial trial runs were made within the company run by the duo after which Task Tracker was offered to clients for trials and feedback. Over the course of a year the app has gone through multiple revisions to suit all kinds of businesses and people with varied technological skills. After numerous tweaks and twists Task Tracker was launched in the market for SMBs this June. Due to teams now working remotely SME tech is the need of the hour and that’s where Task Tracker makes a big impact.

Task Tracker makes work management easy for all kinds of industries – be it manufacturing, chartered accountants, eCommerce and retail, education, business coaching, NGOs and even freelancers to name a few. It is also an excellent tool for spouses to keep track of house hold chores and appointments. The app has helped users track projects, task deadlines in real time and also assess employee performance. Task Tracker has impacted hundreds of users (within and outside of India) in a short span and whose productivity has increased up to 30%. Task Tracker user engage daily with the service to manage better.

There are over 63 million MSMEs (Medium Small Micro Enterprises) but most of them are running on low efficiency because of mismanaged work, rendering them unable to contribute to the global supply chain. Task Tracker is designed to help these companies increase efficiency and hence more employment as they grow.

Neha Chandra, founder and CEO of Task Tracker says, “Task Tracker is a simple and affordable mobile and web application for businesses with low e – literacy teams to increase productivity, accountability and efficiency”.

The company’s vision is to reach over 1 million users in the next one year with a foot print across the globe.

Task Tracker is available on the web at and on Google play store over the android platform. Task Tracker is proudly designed and made in India.


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