The US and South Korea are planning to share nuclear power to stop the threat from North Korea

The US and South Korea are planning to share nuclear power to stop the threat from North Korea

On Wednesday, the United States gave assurances to South Korea with additional information about its nuclear strategy in the event of a fight with North Korea. Amid concerns over Pyongyang’s expanding arsenal of missiles and bombs.

The President of South Korea, Yoon Suk Yeol, met with Joe Biden, the United States’ President, at the “White House” to discuss a variety of topics, including the conflicts in Ukraine, trade, North Korea, and Seoul’s statement that it will not pursue its own nuclear weapons programme.

Yoon and Biden announced their agreement at a joint press conference on measures to bolster South Korea’s defences in response to the danger presented by North Korea.

Biden restated the United States’ offer to engage in diplomatic talks with North Korea about its missile and nuclear programmes, which leader Kim Jong Un has rejected.

The two leaders were scheduled to attend a lavish state dinner served by an American chef whose mother immigrated from Korea after the meetings and press conference.

Yoon and Biden wanted to issue a warning to Pyongyang during Yoon’s first official state visit in more than ten years.

There have been concerns raised over whether the United States will actually use its nuclear weapons to protect South Korea under what it terms an “extended threat” in light of North Korea’s rapidly developing weapons programmes, which include ballistic missiles capable of reaching U.S. cities.

The conference also resulted in agreements on topics such as cyber security, electric cars and batteries, quantum technologies, international aid, and financial investment.

“Through a U.S.-ROK Nuclear Consultative Group,” the U.S. will provide South Korea with extensive knowledge of and a voice in U.S. contingency planning to prevent and react to any nuclear catastrophe in the region, according to a new “Washington Declaration,” officials said.

Senior U.S. administration employees told reporters in a conference call that Washington will send South Korea heavy military hardware as a show of force, including a ballistic-missile submarine. According to them, it will be the first time a submarine has visited since the 1980s.

The authorities made it clear that no nuclear weapons from the United States would be sent back to the region and that South Korea would continue to be cut off from the American nuclear arsenal.


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