The passionate Sufi mystic Poet Danish Rizvi is redefining the social norms

The passionate Sufi mystic Poet Danish Rizvi is redefining the social norms

The fire of passion or intense enthusiasm for something is burning inside all of us but only a few are brave enough to reject the conventional roads and follow the heart. 

The world is now involved in a rat race everyone wants to be successful but in this, we often forget that the ultimate goal is to be happy, not rich, and following your heart is the only means to be happy. 

Aga Syed Danish Rizvi is a young man from Kashmir who has always rejected the norms and follows his heart. From the age of 5, he was passionate about writing and when he grew up he decided to follow the path laid down by his heart.

He is now a 26-year-old happy and successful Sufi mystic poet, writer, and influencer. 

Inspired by the father “Aga Syed Maqbool Hussain Rizvi” Danish is carrying the legacy of Sufi Poetry on his shoulders.

Danish belongs to the Summer Capital (Srinagar) of Jammu and Kashmir, India, and through his work he wants to make the people of his nation proud.  

Danish wants to promote the Kashmiri language and Kashmiri culture and inspire others to get involved in Sufi mystic poetry.

His father Aga Syed Maqbool Hussain Rizvi who is a spiritual clerk is his inspiration, and he has always taught him to value God above everything and life is merely a journey to reach the Almighty. Danish believes that destiny is the poet’s creator, and he has always idolized Hussain Ibn Ali (Grandson of Prophet Mohammad).

Danish is making his debut in the world of poetry through his book “Sron Sar”. His first book “Sron Sar” has been published. The title of the book ‘Sron Sar’ means the lake with the depth that no one can measure, and it consists of 110 poems. The poems are aligned in a way that conveys a journey to destiny through the Poet himself. His work is an inspiration for others and his dedication to Sufi poetry is really encouraging.


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