Tim Paine apologizes for his behavior at SCG

Tim Paine apologizes for his behavior at SCG

The final day of the Sydney test match was like a nightmare for Tim Paine, after missing 3 catches on Day 5 he was also caught on the stump mic launching vilifying taunts after he was unsuccessful in dismissing him. Paine was heavily criticized for that and on Tuesday he called a press conference and apologizes to the public for his behaviour at Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG).

In the press conference, Tim Paine said, “I’m human, I want to apologize for the mistakes that I made.”

Paine further quoted “I’m someone who prides themselves on the way I lead this team and yesterday was a poor reflection.”

My leadership wasn’t good enough, I let the pressure of the game get to me. It affected my mood and then from their affected my performance. I said to our players yesterday ‘I’ve had a really poor game as a leader’. I let our group down,” he added.

He said that on the 5th day of the match he talked with a veteran Indian spinner telling him “I ended up looking the fool, didn’t I?”.

“You open your mouth, and then you drop a catch. We had a bit of a laugh about that,” he said.

The Australian cricketer who is also the captain national team in Test cricket was also fined 15% of his match fee for showing disagreement over an on-field umpire’s call. 

The fourth and the final match will be played on Jan 14.


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