The foreign minister of Ukraine stated that the country will not forget those who supported them

The foreign minister of Ukraine stated that the country will not forget those who supported them

The foreign minister of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, has warned that nations that mistreat Ukraine will be held accountable after the war is over.

He stated in an interview that “any country’s decision following Russia’s full-scale invasion will be taken into account in forging future relations.”

Additionally, he said that Ukrainian lives will be lost if Western military supplies are delayed.

According to him, if one delivery is delayed by one day, someone will perish on the front lines.

Mr. Kuleba covered a wide range of topics, including how he thinks the war will end, China’s role in the conflict, and his displeasure that Pope Francis has not yet visited his nation during the conflict.

Many nations in Africa, Asia, and South America have remained out of Ukraine’s conflict despite the fact that Western powers have provided military and financial aid since Russia’s incursion.

Some people have historically supported Russia; others worry about the war’s financial burden; and still others think the West is escalating the conflict unnecessarily.

Yet, Mr. Kuleba made it abundantly obvious that “those nations that had misbehaved in the conduct of this war and humiliated Ukraine would pay a price in the future.”

Several analysts have predicted that following the presidential elections in the United States next year, there may be a reduction in support for Ukraine. But Mr. Kuleba said, “I think we can endure any Republican voice” and asserted that “the largest privilege that Ukraine enjoys in the United States is the nonpartisan cooperation in both Democratic and Republican camps.”

Dmytro Kuleba, his nation’s senior diplomat, is still firmly convinced that Ukraine can keep the support of the allies that matter: those who give actual assistance.

Additionally, he asserts that Ukraine has one essential advantage: “I regret that it took violence and a horrible conflict for the world to see how awesome we are; historically, Ukraine was unfairly underestimated, and we’re cool now and forever, but you simply took too long to realize that.”


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