Sundar Pichai meets Indian ambassador in the U.S., discusses Google’s commitment to India

Sundar Pichai meets Indian ambassador in the U.S., discusses Google’s commitment to India

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, visited the Indian embassy in the United States as the first prominent Indian-American business leader to do so. He spoke with Taranjit Singh Sandhu, the Indian ambassador, about the technology giant’s activities in India, in particular its aggressive push toward digitisation.

A prominent Indian-American tech CEO has never before visited the embassy in this country.

Under Mr. Pichai, Google has increased its investment in India and its presence across many industries, including training for the next generation.

It has declared an almost $10 billion commitment under the Google for India digitalization programme. Along with Bharti Airtel and also with Reliance’s Jio.

Additionally, it collaborates with India on workforce and skill development. They collaborate with the government on the national digital literacy programme and the Digital India Program.

During the discussion with the Indian Ambassador, Mr. Pichai expressed his appreciation for the measures that India has taken during the discussion and stressed how Google views India in a positive light.

The Indian Ambassador emphasised that Google is a crucial ally in India’s government-prioritized digital development.

Last year, Google and its parent firm Alphabet played a key part in the COVID-19 crisis. They invested a significant amount of money in aiding India, and they were members of the global task force formed in this regard by American CEOs.

American CEOs and the Indian government are communicating more regularly. Piyush Goyal, the minister of trade and industry, met with several CEOs from Silicon Valley on a trip to California earlier this month.

During his recent trips there, Mr. Sandhu personally interacted with various CEOs. He also went to Silicon Valley’s institutions, which are known as the centre of this kind of innovation.

As part of India’s most recent initiative to increase its engagement with the American tech sector, a number of venture capitalists and start-up founders were also present in San Francisco.






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