Suadre Studio takes a leap in Made-to-Measure Clothing

Suadre Studio takes a leap in Made-to-Measure Clothing

Elegance isn’t merely about standing out, but being remembered, isn’t it? With this thought in mind, Naman Gupta established Suadre Studio in Jaipur in 2017.

Suadre means suits and dresses that take the onus of styling men. As a personalized style studio for men, it offers custom clothing that includes shirts, trousers, blazers, suits, jackets, kurta, pajamas, indo-western, sherwani, and accessories like ties, cufflinks, buttons, and bow ties. They have recently ventured into custom shoes too.

Being stylish is a choice and men these days have become selective with what they wear and how they look. They have stepped forward to custom design their outfits. Right from choosing their fabrics, finalizing their designs, to a perfect fit dress, men have a say in all. With the rising lifestyle and indo-western culture, there’s a lot more value-addition to clothes. No longer, it is merely about your looks, but about your personality. A well-fitted dress along with an elegant design speaks volumes about your persona and every outfit of Suadre Studio reflects style, elegance, confidence, and success.

Suadre Studio lets their customers choose the fabric they wish their outfit to be made of, finalize the design from the plethora of creative, unique & trendy designs, and finally share their measurements. The customer is then requested to check the fittings on the trial date, post which the delivery is made.

Backed up by a team of designers and experts, the team at Suadre Studio educates their clients about the fabrics, the color combination, and the market trends. The clients are also given access to their exclusive custom-made men’s clothing catalog. Guess what? With their pocket-friendly prices, no customers have to step out disappointed. One can pick the products based on their budget.

Naman Gupta, the founder of Suadre Studio believes in personal styling. He says that everyone is unique and so are their personalities. Through his company Suadre, he gives individuals the freedom to add style, elegance, and sophistication to their personas. It’s the perfect-fit era where the sizes have a significant impact on your presentability. Thus, Suadre offers a made-to-measure fit option that not only lets men look stylish but makes them comfortable too.

If you have always believed in being who you are, let your style statement reflect the same. With the help of experts, own your fashion and let that be an extension of your personality. Visit to the latest fashion trends and custom-made designs.


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