Spine & Pain Workshop Organized at DY Patil Hospital

Spine & Pain Workshop Organized at DY Patil Hospital

Mumbai Pain School in association with Avanos & Fellowship Program in Pain Medicine, DY Patil University organized a two days workshop on Spine & Pain Medicine at DY Patil Hospital Nerul Navi Mumbai on 04th and 5th Dec 2021. This workshop was conducted under the proctorship of Dr. Sidharth Verma (Spine & Pain Medicine Program Director, DY Patil Hospital Navi Mumbai) and Dr. Uttam Sidhaye (Consultant Pain Medicine, Pune). The program consisted of lectures and live workshops with patients suffering from painful orthopedic and neurological conditions like – Trigeminal Neuralgia, Knee and Shoulder Arthritis, Slip Disc (Spine Pain) and Neck Pain (Cervical Pain or Spondylitis). This was the first of its kind workshop in western India utilizing the latest cooled radio frequency ablation technology which is available at the DY Patil Hospital. It is pertinent to mention that DY Patil Hospital was the first in the western India to purchase the cooled radio frequency equipment and dedicate it to charity patients under the leadership of its president Dr. Vijay Patil.

Spine & Pain medicine is a new branch of medicine treating patients suffering from chronic painful conditions like back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, cancer pain etc. These conditions are debilitating causing loss of work hours and are often ineffectively treated by current methods. Minimally Invasive Pain & Spine Interventions (MIPSIs) are performed by Spine & Pain Physicians to get rid of pain from these conditions. Many of such procedures were demonstrated to the delegates in this workshop who were all faculties and budding pain physicians in government medical colleges of the western India.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Manisha Bobade, Director of the DY Patil Hospital assured full support for the promotion of MIPSI procedures and lauded the visionary efforts of the president Dr. Vijay Patil in bringing such advanced technology to people of the region. Dr. Ajit Baviskar, Head clinical Services, Dr. Surekha Patil – Dean DY Patil Medical College and Dr. Akanksha Saberwal – Director, Fellowship Program were also present on the occasion.

Dr. Sidharth Verma who is also the founder of the Mumbai Pain School gave the participants training on how to start a pain clinic and provide the benefit of this unique technology to the patients of all classes. Such training should lead to an increase in the number of such spine and pain clinics in the community to provide full coverage against chronic painful disorders.


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