Six87 Communications builds authentic connections through FriendlyMony

Six87 Communications builds authentic connections through FriendlyMony

Dating is no longer a secret these days. With the rising need to find companionship, people of all ages are trying their luck online and offline. The current era is the Social Networking & Relationships era where technology plays a crucial role in finding soulmates. With Apps like FriendlyMony, one can easily connect with like-minded individuals across the globe. FriendlyMony is a free online dating app that lets users match and builds genuine connections. With a single click, the users can access unlimited profiles, chat, and video calls. FriendlyMony takes pride in being a dating app that encourages users to sign up using Facebook/ Gmail/ Apple ID to maintain authenticity. All singles (male/female/others) above 18 years are eligible to reap the benefits of the app.

FriendlyMony offers a free trial period of 7 days wherein the users can search for their ideal partner at zero cost. It extends free services from 7 days to 14 days if the users refer the App to their friends and if at least 5 of them sign up using the referral code. The users can have access to all the features except video calls. Besides, users can see an unlimited number of profiles and express an unlimited number of interests not only from India but across the globe. Mr. Ashok Prasad, Founder & CEO of Six87 Communications believes that dating is the new mode to connect with like-minded individuals. He says, “God created everything in pairs. Being Single and bored is one of the toughest things in one’s life. Life is incomplete without a life partner. One needs someone with whom he/she can be a good friend and look forward to in life. There cannot be anything better in life when one has someone to listen to and express one’s feelings. Intending to kill boredom and find meaningful connections, our company  strives for excellence.”  With over 17 years of IT experience and has worked with various IT MNCs, Ashok Prasad started his entrepreneurial journey. He holds a B.Tech (Mechanical) degree from Govt. College of Engineering, Trivandrum (Kerala) from Kerala University.

As an added benefit the members can boost their profiles by paying minimum charges. FriendlyMony calculates 1 boost as 1 hour and the users can boost their profiles for 1 hr, 2hrs, 3hrs, and so on. This will prioritize the users’ profile over other profiles, thereby increasing the chances of getting maximum hits up to 6X. With boost as an option, FriendlyMony has increased your chances of finding your Ideal partner in less time. Now, making the profile hit and receiving interest is just a click away. Supported by technical experts, marketing experts, and customer executives, FriendlyMony provides a hassle-free dating experience. FriendlyMony has dedicated teams for product development and marketing. Some of the team members come from the premium institutes like IIM C, NIT Suratkal, and NIT Calicut who possess excellent knowledge in their respective fields. The dedicated team of IT professionals constantly working on product improvements and finding innovative ways to bring hearts closer. As a progressive measure, FriendlyMoly is increasing the team strength to be an industry leader in a couple of years.

FriendlyMony is a user-friendly app that allows you to find that special one with just a swipe. The users can swipe and match to connect with their ideal partner through chat and video calls. A right swipe is to send an interest and a left swipe is to reject an interest. The other user gets a notification once interest is sent and it’s a match if accepted. This gives the user the liberty to initiate chat and video calls to the would-be-date. FriendlyMony lets the users be in total control till it’s a match. Once a match is found, any of the users can Initiate a chat for free for 7 days or 14 days (if the app is referred to friends). Beyond the trial period, the users can still express interest in an unlimited number of profiles but are refrained from chatting and video calling.

The users can become the premium members to continue chat and video calls post the trial period. The premium packages are offered at a nominal charge for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. The App gives 1 free crush per sign-up and you can increase the number of crushes by purchasing it. With features like Boost, you can always highlight your profile and increase the chances of finding a match by up to 6X.

As a free dating platform, FriendlyMony takes all the measures to onboard the users and give them a pleasant experience. With a vision to help people find their soulmates and make more meaningful connections, FriendlyMony makes progress towards excellence. to download the app.


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