San Francisco’s Twitter headquarters with a blinking ‘X’ sign prompts a city inquiry.

San Francisco’s Twitter headquarters with a blinking ‘X’ sign prompts a city inquiry.

Recently, the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco underwent a notable transformation, featuring a prominent “X” sign that illuminates the night sky. However, city authorities have expressed dissatisfaction, citing the company’s failure to acquire the required permits for installing the sign and raising concerns about public safety and the preservation of historical landmarks.

In response to the appearance of the sign atop the downtown building near City Hall, the Department of Building Inspection promptly initiated an investigation. Patrick Hannan, a department spokesperson, emphasised that obtaining permits for new building signage is crucial to ensuring adherence to design and safety standards. Moreover, there are worries that the sign’s presence could potentially harm the building’s historical significance, as it dates back to 1937.

The “X” sign is a pivotal aspect of Elon Musk’s rebranding strategy for the social media giant, Twitter. Musk’s plan to transform Twitter into “X” was recently announced, but it encountered hurdles from city officials.

On a separate occasion, San Francisco police intervened when workers attempted to remove the platform’s bird logo from the building’s façade, pointing out the lack of sidewalk protection, which posed a risk to pedestrians from falling objects.

The intriguing “X” sign hasn’t escaped the notice of social media users, who have eagerly shared videos and photos of it online. Some individuals have expressed grievances about the sign’s brightness and disruptive nature, especially concerning the residents of a building situated across the street from the headquarters.

Elon Musk, who also heads Tesla and SpaceX, has demonstrated a penchant for the letter “X” throughout his ventures. Notably, he founded, eventually evolving into PayPal, and interestingly, he affectionately refers to his son as “X.”

In light of the rebranding, Twitter will soon become “X,” with Musk envisioning it as a global hub, offering extensive interactivity through audio, video, messaging, payments, and banking, all supported by innovative AI-driven connections.

As the new CEO of X, Linda Yaccarino echoes Musk’s vision, aiming to create a “global town square,” bringing people together in groundbreaking ways. The recent alteration to the platform’s desktop version with an “X” symbolises the onset of this transformative journey.


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