Reinvention of Panchtatva at BURE

Reinvention of Panchtatva at BURE

BURE Community is an organic way of living amidst Nature. It’s a paradise that lets body, mind and soul connect.
BURE Community is a group of common people with an uncommon goal of providing an alternative way of living that has an amalgamation of natural and modern housing facilities which contain eco-friendly sustainable homes with zero carbon footprints, zero single use plastics, tobacco-free accommodation and AQI below 80 since the community has grown close to 10000 organic trees.
In today’s times when electronics have become part and parcel of our life, BURE community provides sabbatical for one-three months to detox our inner self from electronic pollution. There is also an opportunity to volunteer for community kitchen cooking, forest development, permaculture, compost making, rearing cows and learn tractor driving.
BURE community also uses organic, in-house, bio enzyme based toilet cleaner to fulfil our goal of zero chemical footprints. Here they do plough farming. Variety of fruits, vegetables, oilseeds, flowers, trees and medicinal plants are cultivated to give the residents a holistic lifestyle and members can pluck fresh fruits from the community grown trees.

They have a common kitchen where all the ingredients are locally grown and produced. Here members can cook, eat, store and exchange foods among various other members of the BURE community.
BURE community believes in sustainable lifestyle that doesn’t compete with Nature but eventually becomes a part of it. With the current sedentary lifestyle and the rising ambitions, human beings have almost forgotten to live peacefully. We live in concrete in cities; therefore, it is said that modern day luxury is private forest which constitute 70% of total area at BURE community where you can experience slow life instead of daily fast and routine work.
There is zero scope for crime and aggression in the BURE Community. Besides, the existing members get to choose their neighbors. Yes, you read that right! The residents are given voting rights to choose their neighbors. It’s said that the greed for money is the root cause of all evil. Well, what if you get an opportunity to go back to the barter system that existed in the good old days. The BURE Community offers you a cashless economy where you have to barter the products or services that you wish. Go Green and Go vegetarian are the key mantras that BURE community follows.
Let us reiterate, BURE is not a resort/hotel/homestay/Ashram kind of accommodation. It’s a futuristic life-space to give complete rediscovery to Panchtatva.
BURE currently has communities in Lansdowne and Khetri and will soon be expanding to Andhrapradesh and Nainital. If you have always aspired to stay in a fairyland that offers you a pollution-free living, fresh and clean environment, safety, privacy, organic food, and pet-friendly services, get in touch with the BURE team. Visit
to know the benefits of Community Living.


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