OnlyFans founder is making way for the firm’s marketing chief

OnlyFans founder is making way for the firm’s marketing chief

The CEO of the content subscription company OnlyFans is stepping down in favour of a new female leader.

OnlyFans, which is known for hosting sexual content, has witnessed a surge in use during the pandemic, according to Amrapali Gan, who is currently the marketing head.

In a social media statement, Tim Stokely, who launched the company in 2016, said he was stepping down to pursue new endeavours. 

She claimed the company provided a one-of-a-kind experience for its creators and fans, and that it was dedicated to becoming the safest social media platform on the planet.

Mr Stokely did not reveal his plans, but he did say he would stay on as an advisor at the tumultuous company during the changeover period. During COVID lockdowns, OnlyFans observed a significant increase in users.

According to the company, it has 180 million registered users and over two million artists globally. It claims to have paid nearly $5 billion (£3.7 billion) to its content creators since it began operations five years ago.

However, it has been chastised for failing to do enough to prevent underage users from selling sexual content.

Following pressure from banking partners, the site started in August that all sexually explicit photographs and videos would be prohibited beginning in October.

OnlyFans, however, suspended the policy adjustment a week later after receiving a reaction from its members.

Musicians, fitness coaches, and celebrities can use the site to charge their fans for recommendations and visual content.

It is best known, however, for allowing content creators, like porn stars and sex workers, to charge for sexually explicit images and videos. All donations made to OnlyFans’ content authors are subject to a 20% commission.

Ms Gan told Bloomberg that the company would invest more in its free streaming app, OFTV, and create new tools for content creators. She worked for Red Bull, Quest Nutrition, and a cannabis café in Los Angeles before joining OnlyFans in 2020.


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