Joinus Infoservices (India) Pvt. Ltd. steps forward to make global education easy

Joinus Infoservices (India) Pvt. Ltd. steps forward to make global education easy

JoinUs Infoservices (India) Pvt Ltd, which was founded in December 2008 is one of the leading educational consultants and companies working in different fields for higher education in India has helped countless students fulfill their dreams of studying abroad. There are many students who aspire to study abroad but lack support and guidance. Thus, Joinus4Global Education a unit of JoinUs Infoservices (India) Pvt Ltd stepped in to improve education through creativity, inspiration, and ambition informed by real-world evidence and experience. With a mission to provide quality services to clients, Joinus4Global Education offers the best education counseling services with opportunities for growth and career advancement.

Kunal Wadia, Founder & CEO of JoinUs Infoservices (India) Pvt Ltd. is a visionary whose achievements and success story speaks volumes of his hard work and dedication. He has been awarded as the best education counselor in India in 2014 and 2016 for the same. As a passionate entrepreneur, he diversified his interest in multiple businesses like security agencies, the textiles industry, international property, and consulting. He started with zero rupees without any financial support. Today, he owns Lion Security and Homes In Abroad, which is flourishing very well under his leadership. Kunal Wadia believes in bringing new changes in India through education. He dreams to join politics in the future to be the change leader and contribute to the development of the country.

Empowered by talented and skilled professionals, Joinus4Global Education strives for excellence in anything and everything they do. Kunal Wadia’s other venture with his partner Romio K Rajkumar’s ‘Homes In Abroad’ helps people in finding the best property in Dubai. Established in 2007 with headquarters in Dubai, the company’s diverse experience in the property market has led the value of its current portfolio in the Emirate to USD 5.45 billion, with more than 100 projects in the pipeline. The services include property management, real estate investment consultancy, real estate portfolio management, mortgage financial services, developer services, brokerage services, independent account services, and other property-related services. With a mission to be a profitable leader in commercial, retail, and residential real estate, Homes In Abroad assists buyers and sellers in making an informed real estate decision in Dubai. The services are rich in integrity and have a proven track record of customer satisfaction. Thus, Homes in Abroad is also helping students globally simplify the living and educational process.

Joinus4Global Education is offering innovative educational solutions to students globally. Kunal Wadia is a serial entrepreneur whose expertise and experience have helped several people in leading a quality life. Whether it’s about education, real estate, or digital marketing services, Kunal Wadia’s remarkable contribution has set a benchmark in the respective industry. JoinUs Infoservices (India) Pvt Ltd’s unit Joinus4Global Education is guiding students for global education under the leadership of Kunal Wadia. Visit to find out the best educational institutes overseas.


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