In a charity raffle, Ed Sheeran guitar raises more than £50,000

In a charity raffle, Ed Sheeran guitar raises more than £50,000

At a charity event, a prototype guitar was constructed for Ed Sheeran to commemorate his latest album, raising £52,765.

The singer collaborated with guitar craftsman George Lowden to design a unique instrument for his album = (Equals).

It was donated to a music pod and disability facilities at a school in his hometown of Framlingham, Suffolk, through the charity GeeWizz.

Kellie Myers, a hospital employee, won after purchasing a £5 raffle ticket.

Then GeeWizz will distribute the remaining funds to other learning-challenged and neurodivergent children’s programmes across Suffolk.

Mrs Myers of Ipswich, whose two sons, Henry, 14, and Jacob, 13, are learning to play the guitar, expressed her delight and that the entire family “loved Ed.”

Sheeran engraved the guitar with the words “Henry + Jacob!”Take this guitar!

Ms Myers stated that her favourite lyrics from his song “Photograph” were “Wait for me to come home,” which he wrote.

The prototype was created from naturally fallen walnut and spruce trees, from which 3,000 final ones were made.

In total, 10,553 raffle tickets were sold in over 160 countries worldwide.

Sheeran commented on a video message while holding the guitar ahead of the raffle.

Sheeran gave three signed Ipswich Town FC 2021/22 home football shirts with an Ed Sheeran tour sponsor emblem across the chest as runner-up prizes.

Sir Robert Hitcham’s Primary School in Framlingham desperately needs a music room and extra resources for learning disabled and neurodivergent students.

Gina Long, the founder of GeeWizz, stated, “What a wonderful life-changing fundraiser to conclude the year with.” Thanks to Ed Sheeran’s generosity and kindness, who is a charity champion on every level, it’s the nicest Christmas present GeeWizz can give. 


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