Google Implements Restrictions on Election Queries for the Gemini AI Chatbot

Google Implements Restrictions on Election Queries for the Gemini AI Chatbot

Google has officially announced that it is imposing limitations on the types of election-related inquiries users can pose to its Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot, Gemini. The tech giant revealed this policy adjustment in a recent blog post, specifying its implementation in India, where elections are scheduled to commence in April. This decision underscores Google’s proactive measures to mitigate potential controversies surrounding AI technology.

Gemini, akin to Google’s version of the popular chatbot ChatGPT, possesses the capability to respond to textual queries and even generate images. According to a Google spokesperson, this move aligns with the company’s previously outlined plans, announced last year, regarding its approach to elections worldwide. The spokesperson emphasised the company’s cautious approach to restricting the range of election-related queries Gemini can address.

As various countries gear up for elections in 2024, including the US, UK, and South Africa, Gemini’s responses to inquiries about these events are limited, with the chatbot prompting users to utilise Google Search for further information. However, when presented with questions pertaining to Indian politics, Gemini provided more detailed responses concerning the country’s major political parties.

The proliferation of generative AI technologies has raised significant concerns about the spread of misinformation, prompting governments globally to consider regulatory measures. India, in particular, has informed technology companies of the necessity for approval before deploying AI tools deemed “unreliable” or undergoing trial phases.

Google faced criticism in February when its AI image generator produced inaccurate depictions, such as including a black man in an image of the US Founding Fathers and showcasing German soldiers from World War Two with inaccurately represented ethnicities. Following these incidents, Google promptly suspended the tool, acknowledging its failure to meet accuracy standards.

The decision to restrict election-related queries for Gemini underscores Google’s commitment to responsible AI deployment and reflects the evolving landscape of AI regulation worldwide.


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