Google Drive Glitch Sparks Outrage as Users Face File Access Issues

Google Drive Glitch Sparks Outrage as Users Face File Access Issues

A glitch affecting Google Drive has prompted a wave of frustration among users unable to access files over the past six months. Google has acknowledged the problem and is actively investigating the issue impacting some users of its widely used cloud storage service. The initial report surfaced on November 22 when a user mentioned their drive had reverted to a May 2023 version. While the exact number of affected customers is unknown, complaints have come in from multiple countries.

Google Drive, an integral part of the Google Workspace suite with over three billion users globally, encountered an outraged response on Google’s support site. Users expressed their anger and concern, with one describing it as “very devastating,” emphasising the significance of the inaccessible files. Some users reported losing critical files in recent months, leading to heightened stress.

Criticism on the support site included comments like, “This is crazy and not a dependable cloud service” and “In a panic!” Others, who are paying for the service, hinted at potential legal action due to the unacceptable and aggravating situation.

The original poster, utilising Drive for Desktop on Windows, found none of Google’s suggested fixes effective. Google responded on the forum, stating they were actively investigating the reports and would provide further updates. They advised users not to disconnect their account in the Drive for desktop app, refrain from deleting or moving the app data folder, and make a copy of the folder if possible.

Data privacy expert Enza Ianopollo from analyst firm Forrester emphasised that this situation is a significant concern for Google. She stressed the necessity for Google to offer a comprehensive explanation of what occurred, not just reassuring users that their data would reappear. Ianopollo pointed out that business customers, in particular, would need precise information on whether their files were accessed or altered, as they would be liable for any data loss rather than Google.



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