Fuelade Offers Solution for Rising Diesel and Heavy Fuel Prices

Fuelade Offers Solution for Rising Diesel and Heavy Fuel Prices

 In the current scenario of increasing fuel prices and pollution hazards caused by fuels, A Hyderabad based company, RB Fuelade India Private Limited in an exclusive joint venture with a US-based company Fuelade Solutions introduced an innovative organic fuel efficiency and environment saving catalyst called ‘Fuelade’.
Fuelade helps in creating green environment by reducing toxic emissions and black smoke up to 90 per cent and also helps in fuel savings up to 10 per cent – 20 per cent varying upon engines and its usage.
Fuelade is a revolutionary certified 100 per cent organic, non-hazardous, non-abrasive, and non-toxic, green product that enhances the combustion in diesel and heavy oil engines when mixed. Fuelade can be used in the treatment of almost all heavy fuels such as Diesel, Furnace Oil, Kerosene, Marine Oil, Crude Oil. Fuelade is a concentrated liquid that can treat in a 1:8000 ratio (1 litre of fuelade treats 8000 litres of heavy fuels).
Fuelade comes with zero infrastructure burden as it is directly injectable and mixed with the Fuel as per the concentration ratio. Fuelade shall enable the engines to perform a uniform and proper combustion resulting in better fuel efficiency and drastically reducing the carbon and toxic emissions and eradicating the black smoke from the environment.
Fuelade helps in reducing carbon emissions by decreasing the usage of fuel resulting in better savings to the organizations and helps in creating a green environment. Fuelade also improves the engine torch and performance and reduces the regular maintenance costs.
Fuelade is tested, proven and certified by renowned laboratories and organizations. Fuelade was tested by Indian Navy at Indian Naval Dockyard Mumbai, the test was carried on a Tugboat Generator under the supervision of the naval staff and yielded an impressive fuel savings of 27 per cent. And another test was carried on buses owned by the Sri Lanka Transport Board in Colombo and an average fuel saving of 12.50 per cent was achieved and a remarkable savings of more than Rs 45,00,000/- per day can be achieved with the use of Fuelade. Fuelade is certified by SWRI USA in compliance with all kinds of engines and it is also certified by the Indian Institute of Petroleum in compliance with fuel standards.

In recent times when the Government introduced BS-VI low Sulphur fuel with an initiative to reduces harmful emissions and all-new engines are now BS-VI compatible but same time many old vehicles and equipment are still BS II, BS III or BS IV specifications. BS-VI is a Low Sulphur Fuel that aimed to reduce pollution but the Older Engine Specifications have a major disparity with the BS-VI fuel specifications resulting in lower fuel efficiency, lowering the performance of the engine and indeed increase of pollution.
Instead, the older engines would require to use a different kinds of synthetic diesel additives for increasing the Lubricity, Cetane and other properties of underlying fuel to be used which damages the engines. Fuelade is the most required ingredient because of the introduction of the BS-VI Fuel and whereas the engines are BS-II, BS-III and BS-IV fuel specification standards.
Fuelade can be helpful for both private and government sectors organizations where there is high consumption of heavy fuels like Diesel. In this rising fuel prices, Fuelade can help in increasing the profitability of the various sectors such as Transport, Ports, Construction, Agriculture Fisheries, Shipping, Mobile Towers, etc.
Save Fuel, Save Money, Save Environment.

Website: https://www.fuelade.in


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