France makes condoms free for 18 to 25 year olds

France makes condoms free for 18 to 25 year olds

In an effort to reduce the spread of STDs, young people in France will have free access to condoms starting in January.

On Thursday, the French president made a health announcement at a gathering for young people.

Emmanuel Macron called the initiative a “small revolution in prevention” and said that young people would be able to pick them up from pharmacies.

France saw a 30% national increase in STI rates in 2020 and 2021.

Mr. Macron claimed that the sexual education system in France faced difficulties.

“On this matter, we’re not particularly knowledgeable.” “The theory and reality are drastically dissimilar,” he stated.

Along with other health programmes aimed at reducing STI transmission and expanding access to contraception, the new measure is being implemented.

When condoms were purchased in a drugstore with a prescription from a doctor or midwife, the French government began paying people’s condom costs in 2018.

Three million women were impacted by the government’s decision to make contraception free for all women up to the age of 26 earlier this year. For women and girls who were 18 years old or younger, contraception used to be free.

The Thursday announcement will be made in conjunction with other health initiatives, Mr. Macron further stated in a tweet. Among these are free STI screenings without a prescription, except for HIV, for everyone under the age of 26, and free emergency contraception for all women at pharmacies.







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