Dr. Moksha Kalyanram Abhiramula: A Story of Resounding Success in Law and Finance

Dr. Moksha Kalyanram Abhiramula: A Story of Resounding Success in Law and Finance

In the world of law and finance, where complexities often dominate, Dr. Moksha Kalyanram Abhiramula has built his name with his impeccable skills and expertise in the field. His profound knowledge of civil, corporate, taxation, and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) laws has carved a niche for him as a leading advocate, and a visionary in the field. His remarkable journey reflects a passion for combining law and finance to not only understand but also prevent corporate fraud and economic offenses, making him a trusted advisor for businesses.

Dr. Moksha’s journey is marked by 20+ years of experience in successful value creation for organizations across various sectors, including FMCG, AGRO, Education, Healthcare, Technology, ITES, and BFSI. He is a true connoisseur of value creation and a surgical specialist in intangible valuations. His core belief is that a business’s success is intricately linked to the value it provides to its customers. Furthermore, he emphasizes that a company’s brand value, while a powerful asset, is also highly sensitive to positioning and public perception. Even a seemingly harmless social media prank can have the potential to destroy years of brand building.

Being the founding partner of La Mintage Legal LLP, Dr. Moksha built a dynamic firm committed to providing comprehensive services in company law matters. The firm specializes in mergers, acquisitions, securities transactions, IPO compliance, oppression and mismanagement issues, as well as matters related to the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC). They also excel in handling tax appeals and property-related issues such as title searches and contract documentation. With hands-on experience in framing legal and compliance processes for startups and MSMEs, as well as expertise in restructuring finances for corporates, debt syndication, and equity funding, La Mintage Legal LLP is a one-stop solution for businesses navigating complex legal waters.

Dr. Moksha is also the founding partner of La Mintage Dispute Resolution Hub LLP, an innovative facilitation center for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Using modern technology, the hub offers mediation, conciliation, and arbitration services both online and offline. One of their unique features is their commitment to transparency as all proceedings are recorded, and audio-video records are shared with counsels and litigants from both parties, ensuring fairness and trust in the process.


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Deeply influenced by his observations of budding entrepreneurs caught in commercial litigations that proved detrimental to their businesses, Dr. Moksha set out on his journey to guide them. He realized that fostering mutually amicable dialogues could save time, money, and valuable mental energy. In a rapidly evolving Indian business landscape, his ambition is to empower entrepreneurs to channel their energies into achieving greater heights instead of getting embroiled in unreasonable disputes.

Dr. Moksha and his organizations have received several accolades, including “Entrepreneur of the Year 2022” by CEO Review Magazine, “Game Changer” by Business Today, and “Indian Iconic Most Trusted Dispute Resolution Provider of the Year” by Pride India Awards. In the future, Dr. Moksha envisions implementing a web application with cloud data services to assist professionals such as advocates, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, and Cost Accountants in dispute redressal through ADR. Moreover, his vision extends to becoming a facilitator of ADR services to Honorable Courts and Tribunals and a support system for ADR services to various Chambers of Commerce, ultimately revolutionizing the way disputes are resolved in India.



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