‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Filmmaker Jon M. Chu To Direct ‘The Great Chinese Art Heist’

‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Filmmaker Jon M. Chu To Direct ‘The Great Chinese Art Heist’

Producers are Jon M. Chu and Lance Johnson’s Electric Somewhere and Geneva Waserman of Conde Nast Entertainment.

The article follows a slew of museum artwork robberies that took place in Europe, wherein Chinese antiquities have been stolen, mainly those who got here from the country’s antique Summer Palace which changed into raided in 1860 through French soldiers. No one is aware of whom the thieves are, however the works of artwork usually land up returned to China.

Essentially, there’s a brand-new era of rich Chinese folks that are accumulating artifacts from the antique Summer Palace. Is China’s authorities in the back of the artwork robbery wave? The characteristic questions who receive to personal artwork, and who receives to personal records and culture. The GQ piece additionally poses the query whether there’s a few kinds of coordinated attempt to reclaim Chinese artwork.

Meanwhile, the museums are ultimate quiet approximately the robberies. The thefts positioned museums in an inclined position: Everyone questions their security, nobody desires to donate works or materials, and their coverage costs spike as many could query an artwork institution’s credibility.


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