Covid: Omicron’s spread will be aided by Christmas travel, according to a US specialist

Covid: Omicron’s spread will be aided by Christmas travel, according to a US specialist

Even among fully vaccinated people, Christmas travel will enhance the transmission of the Omicron Covid-19 form, according to a prominent US infectious disease specialist.

The variety is “now raging over the world,” according to Dr Fauci, who advises the US government on the pandemic.

As the significantly modified variety spreads, countries are strengthening their measures.

France and Germany are among the European countries that have implemented travel restrictions, while the Netherlands has implemented a stringent vacation lockdown. Governments are also boosting up their Covid booster immunisation programmes after experts found that the extra dose might give up to 85% protection against serious disease.

Dr Fauci advised that people take measures such as wearing face masks and avoiding social situations. He also advised more people in the United States to receive their vaccines and booster doses.

Dr Fauci stated unvaccinated persons had a considerably greater 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 73 per cent of the US population has had at least one Covid vaccine (CDC). Almost a third of those who have received a booster injection has done so thus far. According to the latest CDC estimates, the Omicron variation is responsible for around 3% of current cases, the majority of which have been reported in the state of New York.

More than 50 million cases of coronavirus have been reported in the United States since the outbreak began, with more than 800,000 fatalities linked to the virus.


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