Britain’s Got Talent star Jonathan Goodwin paralysed

Britain’s Got Talent star Jonathan Goodwin paralysed

According to his fiancée, Amanda Abbington, 42-year-old Jonathan Goodwin, an escapologist, has been paralysed following an accident.

After an accident during training for America’s Got Talent: Extreme last year, the Sherlock actress claims he nearly died twice.

She revealed that the stunt performer, who competed on Britain’s Got Talent in 2019, now needs a wheelchair.

He was intended to break free from a straitjacket while hung 30 feet in the air between two automobiles.

Instead, as they caught fire, Mr Goodwin was squashed between them.

Ms Abbington, 48, stated on Jay Rayner’s podcast Out To Lunch.

He had third-degree burns, which shattered his spine and damaged his spinal cord, and he was on the verge of death. Then he nearly died again on the operation table.

Mr Goodwin, a Pembrokeshire native, has stayed “positive and happy, and very strong,” she said.

She says. “He’s just fantastic, honestly, like a very joyful, positive human being, just liquid sunshine.” 

According to the actress, the stuntman left a voice message before his operation saying there was a 50% chance he wouldn’t make it. He expressed his love for her and thanked her for sharing the last few months of his life with him.

For the first ten years or so, the pair had been pals on social networking. Abbington’s son, Joe, thought his performance was “fantastic,” so Abbington followed him.

She claimed they met after she divorced Martin Freeman, a fellow Sherlock marry Before he flew to Vienna to meet her for the first time, they spent hours on the phone each day, Ms Abbington claimed. Mr Goodwin proposed in under 30 minutes. This summer, the couple hopes to marry.


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