Bill Gates visited India for a week and shared his joy, saying, “Can’t wait to come back.”

Bill Gates visited India for a week and shared his joy, saying, “Can’t wait to come back.”

Bill Gates recently did a week-long visit in India, shared his enthusiasm, wrote a blog entry on “GatesNotes,” and posted a series of Instagram photographs.

The co-founder of Microsoft stressed that he is returning from India with a positive outlook on the country’s future. The wealthy philanthropist talked about how much he learned during his most recent trip and how eager he is to visit India again soon. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Gates praised the nation’s innovation and usage of digital payments.

“I recently got back from India, and I’m already wanting to go back.” “Every journey to India is an amazing opportunity for learning, thus I love going there,” Gates said in the caption of his post. He claimed that while visiting New Delhi, Bengaluru, and Mumbai, Gates had meetings with officials, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, social workers, and other people trying to solve global health, climate change, and development issues.

The Indian Agricultural Research Institute in Delhi and the Kurla Health Facility in Mumbai can both be seen in the picture with the billionaire. Also, he posed for a picture with Anshul Bhatt, the youngest champion of the “World Youth Bridge Championship.” Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Minister of Women and Child Development Smriti Irani are also meeting with Bill Gates. He shared a picture with Mismatched actress Prajakta Koli. Also, there are pictures of him smiling while riding an electric rickshaw.

Also, Bill Gates discussed his speech at the G20 Summit in New Delhi. He had previously stated in an interview that the country has the chance to draw attention to initiatives like the Aadhar system and digital finance because it is now holding the G20 chairmanship. He claimed that the examples set by India may have an impact on the entire world.

As he finished his blog, he noted that “My visit to India helps me to remind me that our capacity to solve problems is even bigger than the challenges facing the world at this time.”


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