Behind the coffin of the Queen, William and Harry walked side by side.

Behind the coffin of the Queen, William and Harry walked side by side.

Prince William and Prince Harry walked hand in hand behind the Queen’s coffin as it departed Buckingham Palace on Wednesday, creating a moment of symbolic unity.

The Queen will lie in state in Westminster Hall through Monday, along with King Charles and other members of the Royal Family.

The brothers’ presence behind the coffin together will bring back painful memories of the funeral of their mother Diana, 25 years ago.

The solemn march was cheered by the crowd.

On a gun carriage, the Queen’s coffin went beneath the Buckingham Palace balcony were, just three months before, she had made her final appearance for the Platinum Jubilee festivities.

To complement this meticulous ballet of sadness, bandsmen played sombre music by Beethoven and Mendelssohn, along with the drumbeat of marching feet—exactly 75 steps per minute—and the sound of horses’ hooves in the fall sun.

When the Queen’s father and mother’s coffins were transported in the same gun carriage, there were cheers and some tears from the audience gathered along the way.

King Charles, Princess Anne, and Prince Edward, all dressed in military uniform, as well as Prince Andrew, who is no longer a working royal, were all seen walking behind the casket while wearing medals.

They were followed by Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, who was not wearing a military uniform, and William, who is now the Prince of Wales.

Unlike Prince Philip’s burial last year, where they had someone walk between them in what was perceived as a show of separation, this time the brothers were side by side.

For the very last time, Queen Elizabeth departed Buckingham Palace. Her relationships with the palace spanned many eras.

The Royal Standard and the Imperial State Crown, two symbols of the monarchy, have been draped over the coffin. However, the flowers in the wreath also have a number of personal associations. Along with white roses and dahlias, the arrangement also included pine from Balmoral, lavender from the grounds at Windsor, and rosemary, which is a symbol of remembering.


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