Balaji Subudhi Innovating the Culinary Industry with Science

Balaji Subudhi Innovating the Culinary Industry with Science

Only a few people are as skilled at carving out a niche for themselves in the constantly changing world of entrepreneurship as Balaji Subudhi. Balaji has made a seamless transition from the world of technology to follow an extraordinary path of innovation in the culinary industry. Owing to his extensive knowledge in data science and analytics, Balaji remains the brains behind several enterprises. He used both his knowledge of data-driven decision-making and his love of cuisine to build a wide portfolio of profitable ventures.

With over 15 years of experience in Data Science and expertise in retail analytics and consulting with data-driven product creation, Balaji Subudhi is sitting at the center of a spectacular career. His scholastic experience provided a solid basis for his endeavors. He holds an engineering degree in electronics and telecom as well as dual master’s degrees in robotics and AI from IIIT Pune and business analytics from Praxis Business School. Beginning with prominent firms like Happiest Minds and Infosys, he served as a retail analytics consultant. Intrigued by the world of business, he later decided to pursue his entrepreneurial career. While working with prestigious clients like Airbnb, Lowe’s, Ralph Lauren Corporation, and Zee TV, he helped them expand by boosting their visibility and putting out targeted marketing plans.

Currently, as the lead data scientist at Mojro, a company specializing in last-mile logistics planning, Balaji remains at the forefront of innovation. He develops analytics models to meet customer requirements and spearheads the planning and development of new products for the company. His entrepreneurial spirit truly shines in his ventures in the tea and coffee industry. His brainchild, ‘The Chai Walah,’ encapsulates his audacity to traverse through different domains and also showcases his deep interest in the food and beverage industry. Through this venture, he has successfully transformed employees into franchise owners, lighting a spark of entrepreneurship within the ecosystem.

Similarly, Balaji’s involvement in “The Chai Walah’, ‘Speaking Tea’, ‘Retro Chai’, ‘CoffeTea’, ‘Local Monkeys’ and ‘oatey beverages’ exhibits his multifaceted approach to the hold in the industry. ‘Speaking Tea’ empowers small tea farmers by enabling them to sell their produce directly to Tea and Coffee Houses, thereby increasing their earnings. On the other hand, ‘Local Monkeys’ focuses on nurturing micro-influencers to earn through social media, contributing to the digital economy.

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Balaji’s goal is to support entrepreneurs in the environment he has created. He aims to provide others the chance to reach their full potential through his numerous endeavors. His objective to open 5000+ franchises by 2025, promoting the expansion of start-ups and entrepreneurs, reflects his dedication towards the mission. He sees a network of prosperous franchise locations in the near future, each of which would symbolize a different voyage. His long-term goals also include bridging the gap between the food sector and science and technology. He hopes to address issues with consistency, flavor, and freshness by incorporating modern technical solutions into the culinary industry.

Eppile Balaji Subudhi’s fusion of technology with his passion for food has led to him creating a diverse range of successful ventures. As he continues to revolutionize the tea and coffee industry and inspire countless entrepreneurs, his legacy will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on his ventures and industry at large.


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