Applonx equips to foster chart-topping apps

Applonx equips to foster chart-topping apps

Applications have become an integral part of our lives. Right from our morning alarm to our schedules, health, fitness, shopping, grocery, and bedtime stories, we are dependent on these apps. In an ocean of mobile apps, one can be easily distracted by gaudy trends and clashing visual styles. However, with brands like Applonx, a great design is just a touch away. The team believes in revamping apps with awesome UX and re-engaging users with the apps that they love. Applonx aims at building chart-topping apps that are adored and trusted by millions.

Statista estimates that there are around 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world, paving the way for brands like Applonx to develop user-friendly and unique apps that benefit users. Suraj Singh Negi, the CEO of Applonx, was always fond of utility and productivity apps. As a tech-savvy individual, he was always intrigued by the functionality and design of the apps. He found out that most of the apps had good features but lacked a good design. With a belief that a good user experience is the essence of an app, he incubated Applonx. Arshad (COO) and Deepak (CTO) think that the goal of good UX is to help users do what they want to do when interacting with your app.

Arshad P, COO

Backed up by talented Technology leads,UX designers and Growth hackers, the team has always impressed the users with their unique apps.Smartphones have revolutionised our lives in ways that go well beyond how we communicate, and there’s no turning back. Our business goal is to become one of the leading mobile apps product development company internationally and we will make sure that every mobile app that leaves our lab can compete with the best in their category.


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