ADTS celebrates its 5th birthday and has released its first Hindi original track – Kab Yeh Shaam Dhaley on 30th June

ADTS celebrates its 5th birthday and has released its first Hindi original track – Kab Yeh Shaam Dhaley on 30th June

Kolkata (West Bengal) [India]

A Dot In The Sky is an Indian Ambient-post-rock band from Kolkata, West Bengal formed in 2016 at Kasol, Himachal Pradesh. The band believes that music isn’t merely about chords or tunes but an undying passion to connect with self and the surroundings. ADTS is the voice of every soul who believes that there’s dawn after every dusk. With Band members, Anny Ahmed (Vocal / Song writer), Sudipto Paul (Founder / Composer / Keyboardist / Song writer), Soutrik Banerjee (Bass Guitarist / Song writer) , Dipayan Chakraborty (Drummer), and Subhajit Goswami (Guitarist), A Dot In The Sky defines its music.

Having released 9 songs as an independent post-rock band, ADTS has released its new track, “Kab Yeh Shaam Dhaley” Nationwide on its 5th birthday (30th June) through Red Fm- Red Indies Shuffle. Kab Yeh Shaam Dhaley is the first Hindi single by ADTS prior to which Bengali and English songs were released. The song Kab Yeh Shaam Dhaley has powerful lyrics penned by lyricist Argha Sen and is directed by Debarup Mukherjee. The audio is recorded, mixed, and mastered by Sudipto Paul. It’s a soulful song that connects all those who are in search of their lost love.

Life is all about being hopeful, isn’t it? Kab Yeh Shaam Dhaley is a promising song that takes you through the journey of a traveler who is in search of her lost love. Shot in the terrains of Sikkim the visuals are a treat to your eyes. Aren’t there times when a single song uplifts the mood? Aren’t there times when music attracts positive vibes? Whether you are lost in life or are longing for your loved ones or are going through a rough patch, Kab Yeh Shaam Dhaley is your ray of hope.

The band, A Dot InThe Sky (ADTS), believes that the world needs loads of love, peace & positivity. And, through music, the band tries to empower and inspire people to work together to accomplish goals and achieve visions. With sheer dedication and devotion towards music, this Indian Ambient-post-rock band from Kolkata has earned a fan-following across the globe. The band being super-excited to celebrate their 5th birthday and have released their first Hindi original track. The band, ADTS  is also coming with its first debut album by end of this year for their lovely and supporting fans.

Here’s a glimpse of their released track, Kab Yeh Shaam Dhaley -:


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