According to Vodafone, “UK broadband services” are once again normal.

According to Vodafone, “UK broadband services” are once again normal.

According to Vodafone, a fault that caused about 11,000 customers’ broadband services to go down has been fixed.

After some people spent the majority of the day without internet connectivity, the company expressed its “extreme regret” for the inconvenience. Individuals “should already be seeing their internet connection’s return,” it was claimed.

More than 50,000 subscribers to broadband at “Virgin Media O2” reported troubles on Tuesday. Over 1% of Vodafone’s 1.1 million home broadband subscribers were affected by the outage on Monday, the company reported.

In response to the issues, which coincide with large price increases, some consumers have voiced their frustration, with one calling it “shameful.”

According to data from the pricing comparison tool “Uswitch,” the company is one of several broadband providers that raised prices significantly mid-contract in April. Some consumers reported increases of around 15%.

Other users complained that the service disruption was preventing them from working from home, and one user inquired as to whether Vodafone planned to pay them for the cost of using mobile data while the connection was down. Several people charged Vodafone with failing to inform customers about the problems. One user tweeted, “Nearly six hours after a significant outcry, we’re examining whether this is inappropriate.”

Another person commented, “I shouldn’t need to check Downdetector [a website that tracks outages] and Twitter to see what’s happening.”

Vodafone had said that the problems weren’t affecting its mobile network. Too many users of broadband companies were receiving subpar service, according to Which’s Rocio Concha, director of policy and activism.

According to data conducted by the organisation, “hundreds of clients aren’t receiving adequate support at a time when they’re also being hit by above-inflation price increases,” she added. Ms. Concha advised switching service providers if you were out of contract and dissatisfied with your current one.


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