The diabetes app’s malfunction sparks anger and fear among users.

The diabetes app’s malfunction sparks anger and fear among users.

Diabetes patients relying on a popular app for blood sugar monitoring faced a setback when an update caused it to stop functioning on certain Apple devices. The app connects to a sensor worn by users, which transmits data for glucose monitoring. Abbott, the manufacturer of the FreeStyle Libre device, stated that it is the most widely used sensor-based glucose monitoring system globally. However, the app has ceased working on specific Apple devices and has been withdrawn from the App Store as a result. The UK’s “National Health Service (NHS)” reported that approximately 200,000 individuals in the country use such sensors.

Abbott stated that the issue only affected UK customers and anticipated that the app would soon be available again. However, there has been an online backlash from individuals who depend on technology for their well-being. Sonja Sleator, from Belfast, expressed concern about being unable to use the app, highlighting its significance to her.

The LibreLink app, developed by Abbott, connects to a “continuous glucose monitor (CGM)” consisting of a white disc with an inserted needle under the user’s skin, typically in the arm or abdomen. People with Type 1 diabetes utilise the CGM to monitor their blood glucose levels continuously, eliminating the need for frequent finger pricking. Real-time glucose monitoring enables users to make informed decisions regarding meals and exercise while also providing alerts for low or high blood sugar levels.

Abbott faced criticism after the Libre 2 CGM failed to interact with the LibreLink app for some Apple users. The problem arose after an app update intended to enhance users’ quality of life by eliminating the need for manual scanning of the disc. Instead, the update aimed to enable continuous data transmission from the CGM to the app, similar to the functionality provided by Abbott’s competitor, Dexcom. However, an issue with the update caused some iPhone users to report a complete malfunction of the app, rendering them unable to monitor their blood sugar levels.


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