Six year old encouraging people to get vaccinated

Six year old encouraging people to get vaccinated

In order to save people from the deadly virus COVID-19; the government is coming up with so many tricks and tactics to encourage the public to get vaccine. Meanwhile , a little kid’s video is getting viral on social media these days. In which, he is advising people to get vaccinated and other benefits of it.

Purvan Chaudhary, a six-year-old child of the capital Jaipur, has prepared a creative video to make the  public aware about the corona vaccine. Social media users are strongly liking this video of Purvan Chaudhary and sharing it vigorously. While stating the benefits of applying Corona’s vaccine, he acted as medical staff and tried to give vaccine to his toy. He also took necessary precautions while doing the whole process of vaccination. Puran’s mother Anita Chahar said that Purvan will continue making videos to make people aware. 

So many people are praising his initiative and sharing his videos on their social media. To watch his full video, click here-


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