Mercedes-Benz is recalling nearly 1 million vehicles due to faulty brakes

Mercedes-Benz is recalling nearly 1 million vehicles due to faulty brakes

Mercedes-Benz is recalling nearly 1 million older vehicles worldwide due to potential brake system concerns. The business announced over the weekend that it would contact the owners of the vehicles because their brakes may be damaged by “advanced corrosion.”

A total of 993,407 automobiles are affected by the recall, with 70,000 in Germany.

Last year, Mercedes recalled a comparable number of vehicles due to a safety issue with its emergency communication system.

The vehicles included in the new recall were manufactured between 2004 and 2015 and were from the ML and GL SUV series, as well as the R-Class luxury minivan.

“We observed considerable corrosion in the joint region of the housing, which could affect the brake booster operation in certain of those vehicles,” Mercedes said in a statement on Saturday.

It advised that “a particularly forceful or violent braking manoeuvre could mechanically destroy the brake booster.”

“In such a rare case, it would be difficult to decelerate the car using the service brake.” It was also mentioned that as a result, the chance of a collision or harm would be increased.

Mercedes stated that the recall will begin immediately and that the procedure will entail evaluating the possibly problematic vehicles and, if necessary, replacing parts.

The company recalled almost 1 million vehicles in February due to a flaw in its “eCall” feature, which notifies emergency services of an accident and communicates the vehicle’s position.

Because of the flaw, it was possible that the message would be sent to the incorrect destination.

The patch was primarily done “over the air”—via a wireless download using the car’s existing mobile data connection—because the problem was software-related.

Since 2018, all cars sold in the European Union must include the eCall system.


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