Lidl is set to become the highest-paying supermarket in the United Kingdom

Lidl is set to become the highest-paying supermarket in the United Kingdom

Lidl has promised wage increases from the beginning of March of next year, claiming to be the highest-paying supermarket in the UK.

It will raise the minimum wage for those working outside of London to £10.10 an hour, with higher rates for more experienced workers reaching £11.40.

According to the store, higher rates will apply in the capital. The boost was in recognition of frontline workers’ hard work and dedication during the last 18 months of the pandemic.

Morrisons became the first UK retailer to pay at least £10 an hour earlier this year.

From March 2022, entry-level earnings will climb from £9.50 to £10.10 per hour outside of London and £10.85 to £11.30 per hour within the M25, with colleagues earning up to £11.40 and £12.25 per hour, depending on length of service, Lidl added.

It comes after official numbers released on Tuesday revealed that employers are still having difficulty filling positions, particularly in the hospitality and retail industries.

In October, job openings reached a new high of 1.17 million, about 400,000 more than before the pandemic. According to Lidl, some employees would see a pay increase of more than 6% as a result of the relocation. It stated that around 21,000 Lidl employees, or nearly 80% of the company’s workforce, will profit.

In comparison, in April 2022, the UK’s minimum wage for workers over the age of 23 will rise from £8.91 to £9.50 per hour.

Lidl estimated that its recent pay raise would cost £18 million and said it was part of its UK investment strategy. It has plans to open 1,000 locations in the United Kingdom by the end of 2023.

“We have big intentions to expand our business across the United Kingdom. To do so, we must ensure that we attract and retain the greatest talent at all levels of our organisation,” said Christian Härtnagel, Lidl GB’s chief executive.


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