Fardin Sheikh: Leading Digital Transformation with Strategic Power

Fardin Sheikh: Leading Digital Transformation with Strategic Power

Digital transformation in India has ushered in a profound revolution across multiple sectors, propelling economic growth, improving governance, and enhancing connectivity. There have been leaders who have contributed to this shift. Amongst them, is a renowned entrepreneur, Fardin Sheikh, who epitomizes innovation in a career spanning over 25 years. Characterized by remarkable achievements and transformative leadership, his journey is one of immense glory.

A Shining Academic Background

The educational background of Fardin Sheikh is as illustrious as his career. Holding a Senior Management Professional program certification from IIM Calcutta specializing in Business Administration and Management, alongside a Bachelor of Engineering in Production from the University of Mumbai, his educational foundation reflects his strong qualifications. His certifications in CXO Transform and UiPath RPA Advanced Developer further validate his proficiency in leadership transformation and Robotic Process Automation, respectively.

An Illustrious Body of Work

Fardin’s career trajectory showcases a diverse array of roles, each marked by impactful work and extraordinary management. Prior to his tenure at Wizence Group, he played a pivotal role as a technology consultant, aiding Fortune 500 companies in optimizing their operations. His adeptness in spearheading innovative strategies in ERP and Cloud Computing earned him various accolades. Under his stewardship, Fardin cultivated a culture of excellence, taking Wizence Group to the forefront of technological evolution while fostering cohesive teams and a collaborative environment.

As the Director of Delivery at Omnitell Tech, Fardin’s tenure was marked by unerring functioning in Oracle and Infor technologies, proving his adeptness in directing delivery operations to ensure seamless execution. His stint as Head of Oracle Practice at Intellinum Inc further established his reputation as a strategic leader, playing a pivotal role in the company’s success in system architecture and cloud computing. Moreover, his role as Senior Director of Consulting at Wizence highlighted his expertise in emphasizing the same along with digital transformation, setting new benchmarks for excellence.

Fardin Sheikh’s leadership qualities are the cornerstone of his success. His result-oriented vision consistently guides organizations towards digital excellence and transformative growth. His intellect as an innovative problem solver is evident in his ability to tackle complex business challenges in technology consulting and digital solutions. A true evidence of his wisdom is his effective team management skills. By nurturing highly competent teams globally, he ensured the consistent delivery of high-quality solutions while maintaining a low attrition rate.


Beyond Geographical Boundaries

Fardin’s execution of ideas transcend geographical boundaries, signifying reach across diverse global markets including the US, Australia, the Middle East, and Africa. His instrumental role in product development initiatives, notably Oracle HCM-Core HR, and turning around loss-making firms to profitable entities through effective strategies shows his acumen in turnaround management. He has elevated struggling companies from loss-making entities into profitable ventures. It’s evident that his interventions have been instrumental in revitalizing these businesses.

His ability to identify opportunities, devise effective planning, and implement it successfully shows Fardin’s versatile skill set. This breadth of experience and demonstrated expertise makes him a valuable asset in the global market. As a Distinguished Digital Transformation Leader, he continues to inspire leaders in the digital era.


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