Emilia Clarke to star as Oscar Wilde’s wife in ‘An Ideal Wife’

Emilia Clarke to star as Oscar Wilde’s wife in ‘An Ideal Wife’

The movie tells the story of Wilde’s marriage to novelist and activist Constance Lloyd and her sexual awakening after discovering Wilde was gay.

In the upcoming movie An Ideal Wife by director Sophie Hyde, Hollywood actress Emilia Clarke will play Irish novelist Oscar Wilde’s wife Constance Lloyd.

Deadline claims that the movie tells the tale of Wilde’s marriage to activist and author Lloyd as well as her sexual awakening following the discovery that Wilde was gay.

Lloyd died in 1898 at the age of 40 while living in exile in Genoa, Italy, with her two sons. They had fled London and adopted the last name Holland in order to distance themselves from the turmoil surrounding Oscar Wilde’s arrest for homosexual activity in 1895.

Throughout her life, Lloyd made contributions to newspapers and magazines and published two novels for children. Additionally, she was an advocate for the progressive dress reform movement.

Matthew Gledhill of Wheelhouse Productions, Chris Curling of Zephyr Films in the UK, and Olivier Delbosc of Curiosa Films in Paris are producing An Ideal Wife.

Clarke’s first significant studio role after the 2019 holiday rom-com will be in the film. The final Christmas movie by Paul Feig was released. Clarke featured in the movie alongside Henry Golding, Michelle Yeoh, and Emma Thompson, who also co-wrote the script.

Michael Shannon and Jason Clarke will co-star in McCarthy, a Vaclav Marhoul-directed film about the infamous American senator Joseph McCarthy.







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