Canadian PM Trudeau will attend the G20 Summit in India on September 9–10.

Canadian PM Trudeau will attend the G20 Summit in India on September 9–10.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is scheduled to participate in the G20 leaders’ summit in India on September 9 and 10, according to a statement released by the “Canadian Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).” During these dates, Trudeau will be in the Indian capital, New Delhi. This visit follows his attendance at the “Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)” summit in Jakarta as well as a bilateral visit to Singapore.

The released statement highlights Trudeau’s intentions to reinforce economic cooperation, dismantle trade barriers, and promote job creation for the middle class. He also aims to enhance connections between nations and promote efforts for climate action in the Indo-Pacific region.

There is no confirmation of a bilateral meeting between Trudeau and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the sidelines of the G20 summit. However, an official knowledgeable about the details suggested that it is likely that all G20 summit delegation leaders will have the chance to engage with Modi. The specifics of these interactions will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Trudeau’s recent disappointment over Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s exclusion from the G20 summit led to a commitment to advocate for Ukraine. Several countries, including the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, the UAE, Oman, Bangladesh, Egypt, Mauritius, and Nigeria, have been invited as “guest countries” to the summit. This gesture mirrors Ukraine’s involvement in other international forums, symbolising solidarity against ongoing conflicts.

This visit marks Trudeau’s return to India after his previous trip in February 2018. That visit was marred by controversies, including inviting a convicted Khalistani terrorist to an official dinner reception, which strained India-Canada relations. The issue of pro-Khalistan activities in Canada continues to pose challenges to bilateral ties, and India has cautioned Canada about the security implications of such actions.

Trudeau’s visit is significant in light of Canada’s efforts to address past controversies, foster economic cooperation, and strengthen diplomatic relations with India.



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