Apple Attributes iPhone 15 Overheating to iOS 17 Bug and App Updates

Apple Attributes iPhone 15 Overheating to iOS 17 Bug and App Updates

Apple has acknowledged that a bug in its operating system, iOS 17, and updates to third-party applications, notably Instagram, are the culprits behind overheating issues reported by some iPhone 15 users. These complaints centred on the new iPhones becoming uncomfortably hot to the touch, a problem more pronounced than typical initial setup or backup-related heat generation.

While users have grown accustomed to their devices warming up during such high-processing tasks, the iPhone 15’s overheating has caused concern, prompting users to share their experiences on social media.

Apple’s explanation involves the identification of specific conditions contributing to this overheating phenomenon. Firstly, they identified a bug within iOS 17, the latest software iteration compatible with their recent models. Secondly, Apple pointed to recent updates in third-party applications as the root cause, leading to system overloads. Collaborative efforts between Apple and app developers are underway to deliver fixes to these issues.

Several apps, including Instagram, Uber, and the video game Asphalt 9, were associated with these overheating problems. It’s worth noting that Instagram has already resolved the issue through an app update.

Apple sought to clarify that this overheating is unrelated to the new titanium casing introduced in the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, which replaced the stainless steel casing found in older models. Additionally, Apple debunked speculations that the overheating might be linked to the new USB-C port, introduced to comply with European regulatory mandates.

Importantly, Apple reassured iPhone 15 users that this overheating issue poses no safety or long-term performance risks for their devices. The company is actively working on solutions to rectify the problem and provide users with a more comfortable and worry-free experience with their new iPhones.


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